Things To Make With French Toast

Mixing eggs, milk, and bread to make French toast, a beloved breakfast favorite, you get warmth and comfort at the table. In addition to its basic form, this dish can be used as a blank slate for creativity, leading to a wide range of tasty and unique versions.

This article will discuss various fun ways to improve your French toast skills by adding flavors and spices to make your taste buds dance.

Things To Make With French Toast

The best French toast side dishes are scrambled eggs, omelets, sausage patties, or bacon. Here are the dishes with French Toast:

1. Eggs Over Easy

With only a few everyday cooking items, you can make your breakfast taste even better and add some much-needed protein. It’s easy to make these scrambled eggs, and they taste great.

For extra creaminess and richness, this recipe calls for half-and-half. If you don’t want milk, use olive oil instead of butter to make dairy-free scrambled eggs.

2. Eggs Benedict

There are many ways to make omelets, even though this recipe calls for mushrooms, onion, and cheese. You can use things like ham or even smoked fish that you already have in your fridge.

This is even better if you have a garden because you can show off your cooking skills and wow people with farm-fresh products like peppers, basil, or cherry tomatoes. Play around and have fun!

3. Quiche With Sausage And Spinach

This deliciously beautiful sausage and spinach quiche is another stop on the French food express to keep the egg train going.

4. Sausage Patties Made At Home

If you want to impress everyone at breakfast, don’t use store-bought sausage links. Instead, make fresh sausage patties packed with herbs and spices to add spicy flavor to your sweet French toast.

It might not seem easy to make your sausage at home, but this easy recipe can be put together and cooked in as little as 20 minutes, and you’ll love it forever!

5. Ham And Bacon

Bacon is a tasty and traditional breakfast side dish with French toast. Maple syrup makes it taste even better.

When using your Instant Pot to cook bacon, you must watch how many strips you put in at once. No one wants bacon that is soft and floppy. As many strips as possible should be spaced out appropriately. This will make the bacon crispy.

6. Bananas With Caramel

Adding these deliciously sautéed bananas to your French toast is a simple but great way to make it extra special.

Putting this tasty addition in the fridge in a jar that keeps air out will last up to two days. You can heat them again in the microwave and then put them on your favorite ice cream, breakfast, or pie.

7. Butter From Apples

This apple butter recipe takes a little more time than the others I’ve talked about, but it will become a family favorite that you can use on many different foods, starting with French toast!

This lovely spread is great on French toast, but you can also use it to make a bacon burger, a muffin in the morning, or a beautiful charcuterie board that tastes even better. There are a lot of options!

8. Warm Apple Cider

After a long, excellent fall day, there’s nothing better than a hot apple cider mug. It goes great with warm French toast.

Mixing apples, berries, orange slices, and cinnamon sticks together gives you a great drink.

For people aged 21 and up, add some dark rum or bourbon to the mix to make it warmer.

9. A Pumpkin-Spiced Coffee

When we wake up, many of us need an extra boost of coffee. And what could be better than adding a hot pumpkin spice latte to a sweet treat like French toast?

This fall treat can be made right in your home, and making them yourself will save you a lot of money and cavities. It’s even possible to change it to fit your tastes. Add more coffee, dairy-free milk, or organic items. Get rid of the sugar.

French toast is a great way to try new things in the kitchen, from adding fresh toppings to the basic recipe to making it in new ways. There are so many mixtures that you can make, whether you like classic tastes or want to try something new and different. Explore these unique and creative ways to make French toast more enjoyable for your breakfast or lunch. You’ll be able to enjoy this classic treat in fresh new ways.
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